Our Beginning

In 2011, Sue Cheveallier heard Patricia Schoen, a parent of a young girl with a disability say that it seems many people are uncomfortable when a person with a disability walks by. It seems they just don't know what to say so they just turn away.  Sue became distressed as she thought about the truth of this statement and it was magnified during the weekend when she witnessed three different "hero" award shows on television: the Chase Bank Hero awards, the CNN Hero awards, even the canine heros. Having worked with people with disabilities for over 30 years, Sue knew the accomplishments people with disabilities have and the contributions they have made in our communities and begin to talk to others about a way to showcase this.

Sue and Pattricia soon met to discuss the idea of an awards program, brought a few more people alongside them and the story began.  Each year more people have come on board to accomplish the mission which is helping our communities involve people with disabilities. It's easy sometimes to include people with disabilities, we encourage you to think a little deeper and INVOLVE them in your activities, organization or business


We invite you to become a part of our ACTIVE Partnership mission.  Email info@ACTIVEPartnershipLA.org. 

ACTIVE: A Community That Involves and Values Everyone.”

Our Mission

ACTIVE Partnership was formed in 2012 in St Tammany, LA. Our mission is to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of people with disabilities and their supporters. We hope to impact our community by helping individuals become …

…more comfortable interacting with and greeting people with disabilities 

…more aware of involving them  

…more aware of their needs, accomplishments and contributions.

Our Awards

Our award areas are selected each year by our Awards Team. If there is an area you would like to suggest for an award in the future, please email us at info@ACTIVEPartnershipLA.org. For more information on awards see “Award Nominations” page.

Board of Directors

Thomas Sheldon, President

Melissa Penzato, Secretary

Sarah Yrle, Treasurer

Patrick Reso, Director

Patricia Shoen, Director

Advisory Council

Richard Danielson

Darron Goodgoin

Melissa Penzato

Jane Rauch

John Tobin

Planning Teams

Michelle Anderson, Suzanne Bourgeois, Jeanne Bower, Stephanie DuPepe, Mindy Lee, Barbara O'Cain, Christy Paulsell and Bonnie Stokes, plus our Board of Directors and Advisory Council members.


Our judges represent members of local Chambers of Commerce

2017 Judges included Rick Danielson, Roy Delaney, Miclele Gagne, Megan Galey, Kimberly Holmes, Sharon Hosch, Alan Knight, C J Ladner, Larry Rolling 

If you would like to serve as a judge in 2018, please email info@ActivePartnershipLA.org.