2016 Award Winners

2016 Active Partnership finalists have broken barriers and added great value to our community. Following are small samples of their accomplishments.

Youth Spirit Awards

Jordan Landry

1st Place: Jordan Landry- Doctors said she’d never walk, but she did at age 2 ½; she recovered from surgeries in three months when it should have taken a year. She is involved in the community, in sports and is a leader for children at her church.

Hailey BrinsonRunner-up: Hailey Brinson- Hailey Brinson’s small size and complex physical challenges don’t keep her from participating in school activities as well as encouraging others to be involved.

Maggie TrosclairRunner-up: Maggie Trosclair- Maggie Trosclair welcomes everyone with open arms and values her friendships. She is involved in music, dance and a cheer team.

Employee Awards

Walker Hasse

1st Place: Walker Hasse- Walker Hasse is now a custodian at the middle school he attended. He is one of the most well-liked staff members and participates in the activities of the school. He is patient and serious when learning new tasks and reminds the other custodians of safety issues.

Matthew HaulardRunner-up: Matthew Haulard- Due to cardiac arrest, Matthew was in a coma for 6 weeks and had to relearn all physical activities. He now is one of the favorite employees at Dr. Aduli’s office.

Marilou HortonRunner-up: Marilou Horton- Marilou Horton is a school teacher who works to overcome hearing impaired challenges, and to educate her students to accept people with disabilities.

Athlete Awards

Lane Moore

1st Place: Lane Moore- A Special Olympian, Lane is also is the manager and a great fan of his high school’s football and baseball teams. He is an inspirational role model, keeping his school’s sports teams motivated to do their best and never give up.

Caleb FloresRunner-up: Caleb Flores- Although non-verbal, when Caleb enjoys an activity, he finds a way to be a part of it and inspires other children to become involved.

Jack JuulRunner-up: Jack Juul- Jack faces his challenges with determination. He is involved in several sports as well as community activities. He is a leader for others with disabilities.

Champion Awards

Mandeville Middle School

1st Place: Mandeville Middle School- Mandeville Middle School’s Abilities Awareness Day allows students to gain an understanding of people who have physical and neurological disabilities. Each year approximately 200-245 students experience this amazing day.

Francos Health ClubRunner-up: Franco’s Health Club- Franco’s Health Club hires individuals with disabilities and provides vocational training and exercise and health programs at no cost for them.

Miracle League NorthshoreRunner-up: Miracle League Northshore- Miracle League Northshore promotes the health and well-being of children with disabilities through organized sports leagues and other activities.

Adult Spirit Awards

Sophie Trist1st Place: Sophie Trist- Although Sophie was born blind and with a hearing impairment she has accepted every challenge. She rode horses, swam, danced even snow skied. She plays the piano and sings in a choir, and is now a freshman at Loyola University.

Preston CrossRunner-up: Preston Cross- Through numerous physical challenges, Preston stays positive. He is involved in the community and makes everyone feel they are his favorite person.

Josh MeyersRunner-up Josh Meyers- Josh Meyers has pushed through difficult challenges to became a valuable help to his high school football staff. He also serves on staff of Teens Encounter Christ.