2017 Award Winners

2017 Active Partnership finalists have broken barriers and added great value to our community. Following are small samples of their accomplishments.

Youth Spirit Awards

Lane Rodriguez

1st Place: Lane Rodriguez- Lane learns differently than other students which creates challenges for him to overcome. Even with these challenges, he is extremely positive and is always determined to complete his assignments.

Patience Jenkins

Runner-up: Patience Jenkins- Even though Patience lives with chronic pain and struggles to do daily tasks that most of us take for granted, she focuses on what she can do, not what she can’t.

Ethan Marengo

Runner-up: Ethan Marengo- Ethan is an advocate for people with Autism and other special abilities. His goal and passion is to educate our community in a better understanding of abilities and he is well on the way to this goal.

Adult Spirit Awards

Quentin Mouton

1st Place: Quentin Mouton- Quentin faces many ongoing challenges, which caused frustrations when people assumed his differences made him less than he is. He has a large network of friends and colleagues because people know they can count on him.

Megan Golden

Runner-up: Megan Golden- Megan is determined to make otherwise ordinary days very special ones for all she meets. She exemplifies the reality that we are all more alike than different.

Rachael Sykes

Runner-up: Rachael Sykes- Rachael focuses on her own strengths and is now an advocate for other adults with disabilities, helping them become involved in the community.

Athlete Awards

Gianni Toce

1st Place: Gianni Toce- Even after being totally blinded at age 8, Gianni hasn’t let anything stop him from achieving his goals. He has run track, wrestled and participate in Paralympics Games track and field events. He literally bursts through every obstacle he encounters.

Andrew Kearns

Runner-up: Andrew Kearns- Andrew has won numerous gold medals at Special Olympics. He doesn’t consider himself as “disabled”. In fact he often accomplishes more than people without a disability.

Kyle Schnakenberg

Runner-up: Kyle Schnakenberg- Kyle overcame his struggles with socializing through Zumba dance classes. He even advanced to become an instructor and encourages others to join.

Champion Awards

Jordan Landry

1st Place: Friends Helping Friends- Run completely by volunteers, this non-profit org. provides a traditional overnight summer camp for children with developmental disabilities. Krewe de Camp is provided to school are children at no charge.

August Bailey

Runner-up: August Bailey- As owner and music instructor of the Music Academy for Performing Arts, August teaches people with and without disabilities and engages them together in community activities.

Monique Herbert

Runner-up: Monique Hebert- For over 20 years Monique has helped prepare students with special needs to be ready to graduate. She also volunteers as instructor for an exercise class for them.

Employee Awards

Sarah Scogins

1st Place: Sarah Scogins- Sarah was told by a physician that she would be confined to a wheelchair by age 16. Through sheer determination she is not. Sarah encourages people to go beyond what is required. When asked how she is, she always replies, “I am fantastic.”

Ashleigh Madine

Runner-up: Ashleigh Madine- Ashleigh is 100% hearing impaired, so her greatest challenge is communication. Yet the other employees from work consider her a star employee.

Erin Thomas

Runner-up: Erin Thomas- Erin has a strong work ethic and is described by her co-workers as a delight to work with, having a positive and engaging attitude.